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Guiding people & businesses with data rich Intelligence & Analysis.

Data rich intelligence is a mindset at WEIS and is laced through everything we do. WEIS developed proprietary software to utilize through our bespoke solutions, including network assessments, multi-faceted and real-time KPI dashboards, and AI-driven programs which analyze collected data to provide key insights and intelligence to multi-national networks, ensuring our partner clients make informed and educated decisions about the future of their business.

Intelligence and Analytics.

WEIS uses data and experience to create and execute effective strategies,
and analyzes results to provide actionable insights and intelligence.

WEIS’s reputation has been built on a foundation of long-term partnerships with the companies we work with. Regardless of the size and scale of your operation and no matter its industry or location, we ensure that we understand your business throughout, your business needs and your project goals on a granular level, allowing us to support you as a business partner and not simply another vendor.

Because we have worked with many different global brands along the years, we have accumulated data-driven insight from previous collaborations and can identify gaps our clients may not even be aware of. To this end, we make it our business to add a level of intelligence to our programs, allowing us to be your number one resource when solving a problem or developing new initiatives, whether it’s applying your global design template to a local franchise or engaging a large network in a multi-national carbon baseline research project.

Our team of experts lean on data-driven intelligence and analytics to recommend methodologies, build road-maps, and communicate innovative solutions to complex issues in simple terms, ensuring we continually drive change and move you, your organization, and your retail franchise network forward.


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