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Keeping networks on track and on brand with customized Franchise Compliance Assessments.

WEIS has acted as brand and corporate identity compliance assessors since 2006. We ensure brands can articulate the value of investments made to their distributed retail networks and understand how integral brand elements are in representing overall corporate visions. Using WEIS’ digital platform, we assess brands on any number of metrics—corporate identity, processes, readiness, customer experience, health and safety, ESG—and ensure brand standards are properly evaluated, incentivized, and protected. WEIS is your brand steward and true corporate partner through and through.

Assessments and Evaluations.

We are brand stewards and partners through and through.

Through WEIS’ unique value proposition, our entire team has a deep understanding of the intricacies of corporate and facility image programs, how these serve the franchise and how important it is that brands are represented consistently across their retail networks.

We believe that continuous improvement is vital to the success of any organization and benchmarking your network is a precursor to continuous improvement.

We built the WEIS platform (a web portal and mobile app) to benchmark your network, no matter what the situation (like Covid19), and no matter who is assessing: WEIS, your field team, or retailers themselves.

Real-time reporting and analysis let you know where you stand on your KPIs, so you know where to target your limited resources.

Flexibility is inherent and enabled through the Weis platform purposely built for franchised network assessments.

Above all, our evaluation and assessment programs are designed for:

  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Flexibility.

Our team of architects, designers, and project managers has extensive experience in:

1. Technology: Our proven, proprietary software manages data & images; reports results and provides insights in real time.

2. Assessments: On site or virtual, Weis’ assessments are sequenced and structured to be fair, thorough, and consistent.

3. Analysis: If using the Weis software platform, project managers can glean real time insights, often actionable while a project is still ongoing.

4. Reporting: Results and insights provided in real time are translated into action at retail.

Evaluate the health of your franchise network with WEIS Assessments.

Why Use WEIS Assessments?

WEIS’ assessment programs are designed, created and implemented with a 360-degree partnership approach, providing our clients with best in service differentiators.

Integrated Platform Data Collection & Reporting

Flexible Scoring Metrics

Automated Calculations for Franchise Payouts

Real-Time Reporting Analytics

Franchise Debrief / Push Reporting Initiation

Secure, Accurate & Comprehensive Records

Centralized Technical Support

Constant Communication With Brand Management Team

Continuous Assessment Innovation


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