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Delivering design dreams with highly experienced WEIS/LGA Architects of Record.

Weis/LGA is a sustainable, contextually sensitive, and socially minded architecture firm specializing in the execution of retail facilities. This unique partnership has intricate, extensive knowledge of the design and build of retail facilities.

WEIS/LGA Partnership.

WEIS/LGA is a unique partnership between WEIS and LGA Architectural Partners, specializing in
innovative design & architectural solutions for retail environments.

An Architect of Record (or AOR) is the architecture firm that designs and prepares construction documents used in building construction. The architecture firm’s name appears on building permits in which that architectural firm performed services.

Since 2016, Weis LGA Inc (a partnership between Weis & Associates Inc. and LGA Architectural Partners), has created innovative design and architectural solutions for new and evolving retailers.

Our expertise offers clients exceptional depth in flagship retail, event space, and sustainable architecture – all underpinned by demonstrated success in designing unique solutions to meet our clients’ business needs. Weis LGA has an in-depth understanding of the industry’s dynamically evolving requirements for delivering the finest possible customer experience, and the expertise of architects who design destination places that cultivate connected brand experiences.

Working with construction budgets ranging from $15M to $30M, Weis LGA has constructed various sustainable building types including operational and embodied carbon Net Zero buildings. The employment of both solar and geothermal systems was incorporated to achieve this, along with high performance envelopes. Weis LGA has also constructed “LEED” certified buildings.

Our team of architects, designers, and project managers has extensive experience in:

  • Public Consultation & Stakeholder Presentations
  • New Construction & Low Impact Site Development
  • SPA, Approvals, AHJ
  • Developing complete sets of contract and construction documents
  • Visualizations, Renderings, Animations and Concept Design
  • Comprehensive Value Engineering and Life Cycle Costing
  • Interiors, Space Planning and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Branding Auditing/Quality Management
  • Construction Administration.


Bring the power of WEIS/LGA to work for your business.

Architecture Achievement Awards.

ULI Global Award for Excellence: Alexandra Park Revitalization

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Architectural Firm Award

LGA are a multi-award-winning firm, click here to view a full list of their awards and achievements.


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